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Hey Yo! Welcome to The Wrestling Bureau Podcast!

The Wrestling Bureau Podcast is hosted by TBII (pictured on left) and D.Cannon, A.S.H. (Almost a Super HEEL)(pictured on right). As Long Time Friends (Brothers) they share unique perspectives on Wrestling even if they do or do not agree with each other or their Listeners (Agents of the Bureau)! #WeDontCare #WeSaidWhatWeSaid. They, along with their guest, share their unbiased opinions of what's occurred in the past, present and potential future of the Major Promotions of the Nation, World, Universe and Galaxy of Wrestling.

They are always open to their Agents opinions. Please be sure to share! Just know that they have over 30 years experience individually of watching and being fans of wrestling. Not to mention, THEY DO THEIR RESEARCH!!! 

Click Here to Check Out The Show!

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